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What to do if you have tried everything to solve your bank note problems, black, green; you can not achieve concrete and satisfying results ... New, new-generation natural treatments are revolutionizing the way black issues are dealt with; to succeed where conventional treatments have failed for years. Unfortunately, the chemical industry has silenced them and these solutions are not communicated to the general public. Today, Universal Laboratories is launching a major awareness campaign on black and green bank notes and innovative solutions finally developed to preserve this little-known body. Do not waste a second and discover now the simplest and most effective way to solve naturally and safely against the problems of black and green notes that threaten you. Our mission is confidentiality and the total satisfaction of our customers We provide our clients with a revolutionary range of services that our experts necessarily need; hyper-professional equipment of last generation, a skill to discover. We also have: Specialized experts in monetary chemistry. Thermal cleaning machines for secure banknotes. Calorimetric heaters for secure banknotes. Powder of molecular preservatives. Universal safe banknote printer. ..... Contact us. Email: website: https // Contact Us: Whatssap. + 44 . Tel. +233.503051206

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