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AIG (American International Group) CANADA
Our business line: recruiter in several professional areas (Business Services) and Bank /assurance
Title of the post to be filled: company Audit, management control, accounting, human resources management, planning of marketing projects, pilot, communication plumbing, business law, international trade; Sales & Marketing, agriculture and agri-food, quality management, knowledge in quality assurance, secretariat of transport and logistics, computerized secretariat; Bank, medicine, nursing, project financing, insurance, patents, licenses intellectual, hotels, catering, engineering, computer, public service, agronomy, public relations, advertising and pay from a network of branches in the United States.
Contract: CDD
Address: Directorate General A.I.G., 120, Office 2200, Bremner Blvd.
Toronto (Ontario) M5J 0A 8
All jobs claimant must send their application forms via our e-mail
Address telephone: + 1 581-481-4084
Platform WhatsApp: + 1 343-600-0207

• Be of good character (good moral and respectful);
• Be available to travel;
• Know well express the french and English is an asset
• Hold a diploma or Bac + 3 or proof of work
• Are Expert in computer science.
Accountant or CPA, familiar with ICT, the candidate has experience of management and development in environment B to B services strongly
competitive, destined for the Manager (audit, accounting, Tax). His experience of management must allow him to be up and running quickly. A few
years in environment corporate (CFO, Controller) or preferably in significant size accounting firm would be a real asset.
Knowledge and skills:
-Manual skill on machine tools (computer, etc..)
-Good technical knowledge of machine tools
-Desire to progress (example: follow-up of training)
-Taste for the new technology
-Taste for team work and dialogue
-Taste for creative instrumentation
Experience required for the candidate in his professional field minimum: 3 years mandatory required
Salary: US$ 6000 - year US$ 80000 + 10,000 bonus
Advantage of our company: Ticket restaurant, a Honda brand vehicle and a mobile phone (Iphone 6)
Ref: 125/GC/DRH242-CIC-2019
Date: 01/03/2019
Publication agreement No. 156/S-32/205426/12-01-2019 of the AIG & Pole job (E.G.) project
In order to combat the clandestine trip, poverty, promoting employment, and African integration in the process of globalization, the Government
Canadian in collaboration with the C.I.C (Citizenship Immigration Canada) and TSP (Canadian Aboriginal Corporation)
"F.A.Q.D.D"(FONDS D'ACTION QUÉBÉCOIS POUR LE DÉVELOPPEMENT DURABLE) is launching a large project called: AIG Canada.
Indeed, we are looking for people who can adapt without
challenges to the climatic conditions of CANADA of persons without
distinction of race, sex, and religion which can put implementation skills.
We open our market to the world to allow you graduates
other country unemployed set to come put your experience to the
healthy of the IPA.
For more information please visit our website by clicking on the URL link below

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