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Established in 2004, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is a US Government bilateral aid program for low-income countries selected on the basis of performance indicators. The goal is to build partnerships with countries that perform satisfactorily in the three key areas of: i) good governance in governance, ii) creating an enabling environment for private initiative; and iii) the State's commitment to make substantial investments in the social sector. Assistance from the United States Government is provided to recipient countries in the form of grants, for the implementation of a country investment program called "Compact Country" or "Compact".

MCC-AXIS GROUP CANADA has signed on November 07, 2017 in Washington D.C. a grant agreement for a total amount of 524.74 million US dollars. This donation, for the benefit of the Africans, will make it possible to carry out two (2) major projects:

the Employability and Productivity Project (US $ 155 million) which aims to strengthen the employability of Africans and the productivity of the private sector by improving the quality, supply and access to technical and basic skills, in response to the private sector demand;
the TORONTO Transportation Project (US $ 298 million) which aims to increase the competitiveness of the city of African countries as a growth pole for the country by improving the flow of traffic and decongesting the central corridor of the connecting city its port to the North, East and West zones of the country.
The Millennium Challenge Account-AXIS GROUP CANADA (MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA), created by Order No. 2017-820 of December 14, 2017, is the entity responsible for implementing the Compact on behalf of the African Governments, and which will act as an independent management body for the implementation of the Compact Program in Africa, whose goal is to generate inclusive economic growth and reduce poverty through investments in the projects presented above.


Under the supervision of the Executive Director of the Procurement, Finance and Administration of MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA, the Chief Financial Officer will have the following main missions:

Follow the budget preparation, preparation of periodic financial reports;
Provide advice to MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA's management and operational partners on tax matters.

The Chief Financial Officer will have for main activities:

Analyze the operational and programmatic needs of MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA and assess the annual budget capacity to support day-to-day operational initiatives and needs;
Forecast cash flow by ensuring that funding is obtained from MCC and allocated in accordance with the Compact;
Develop periodic financial reports for the MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA Branch, Board of Directors and MCC;
Advise MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA management during budget and audit exercises, providing analysis and compliance guidelines, to facilitate financial planning and implementation;
Provide leadership in the design and operational effectiveness of an internal control system on financial management and reporting, including change management and oversight;
Evaluate the financial and reporting system of MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA and implementing entities, and assess their compliance with MCC standards;
Identify issues and risks, to support internal and external audits;
Cooperate fully with the auditors to ensure that the audit program requirements are met as required by the Compact;
Ensure compliance with all the provisions of the Compact and its financial management documents;
Monitor expenditures against budgets to ensure adequate resources and control of funds;
Provide quarterly contract disbursements and other necessary information to the Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) Department to follow the important milestones of the Compact;
Manage the Compact Tax Officer and a team of consultants to ensure compliance with their contracts;
Guide MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA program staff and executing entities on tax management and reporting regulations, as well as on national government procedures, to ensure compliance and transparency;
Lead and advise financial / accounting staff on the tasks assigned to the Division.



To hold a Higher University Diploma:

MBA, Bac + 5 in Management, Economics, Finance-Accounting, DSCG / DESCF, MSTCF, Accounting-Expertise, Control, Accounting,CCA Audit, Taxation, etc.,
Professional certification as CPA or Chartered Accountant;
Professional experiences and skills

The candidate will have to justify:

At least six (06) years of experience in Financial Management;
Proven experience in a similar position or as a Senior Financial Officer;
Proven knowledge of the financial environment within an MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA institution (an asset);
Experience with other donors who have funded similar projects;
Proven experience in the financial management of a business or a non-profit institution;
Good analytical, synthesis and editorial skills;
Irreproachable ethics and integrity;
Rigor and proven organizational skills.
Main skills required:


Be a dynamic and experienced leader, with proven experience in managing a nonprofit business or institution, a history of effective team management and results-based leadership;

Be able to adapt the strategy, objectives and make the necessary structural or organizational changes, as needed, to advance the work and respond to the needs of the situation;
Promoter of the consensus

Ability to build consensus and relationships among leaders, partners and staff.
Result oriented

Provide added value in the constant search for means to obtain convincing results;
Define the expected objectives of the MCA-AXIS GROUP CANADA;
Understand different viewpoints and opinions of departments by asking relevant questions to address unmet needs;
Demonstrate accountability for results that impact development and sustainable financial, environmental and social management;
Identify and propose solutions to mitigate and manage risks;
Have proven negotiation skills
Be able to quickly identify new challenges and make the best decisions;
Being able to inspire and build trust
Be able to work under pressure, manage priorities, plan effectively and delegate tasks;
Professional Judgment and Analytical Decision Making

Being able to analyze the facts and data in order to make sensible and logical decisions in relation to one's own work and that of others.
Linguistic and computer skills :

Be able to converse effectively both orally and in writing in English and / or French, with a working knowledge of the other language;
Master perfectly software (Finance-Accounting, Audit & Management Control) and Office (word processing, spreadsheet, presentation ...).

A detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV);
A Letter of Motivation, with salary expectations, dated and signed;
Copies of diplomas obtained;
Three (03) professional references and three (03) academic references;


A competitive compensation package;
Excellent working conditions in a positive, dynamic, multidisciplinary, warm and open international environment on hospital cultures;
Wide scope for improving knowledge and skills in all areas.

In accordance with its Gender Policy, MCC-AXIS GROUP CANADA strongly encourages female nominations;
Registration is free.
AXIS GROUP CANADA warrants that no natural person complying with the requirements of the offers posted on its site and appearing in other channels may be unfairly excluded from one of the stages of the recruitment procedure;
Only candidates, corresponding to defined profiles and presenting valid and valid documents, will be invited for the interview.
If you are interested in participating in a program to reduce poverty and increase the income of more than 14.7 million Africans, join us quickly by filing your application by e-mail to our e-mail address:
For more information or in case of any difficulties related to the submission of your application, please contact us at: + (229) 98 35 89 68; Disponble on WhatsApp

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